, 28 November 2014


, 28 November 2014


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As one of the biggest transportation group with a commitment to provide customer satisfaction, we have many facilities to provide you with the best service.


We have several pools spread in Klender, Cakung, Cibitung and Cilegon. We are also represented by various agents dispersed in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

Modern workshops and skillful mechanics
To ensure safety and comfort on the road, our skillful and trained mechanics routinely perform vehicle maintenance and services. Our workshops are equipped with modern tools to ensure that our vehicles are always in their best condition.

  • Brake tester – to check the condition of the brakes
  • Engine stand – to disassemble and reassemble the engine
  • Poral lift – to lift the vehicle to allow mechanics perform inspection
  • Side slip tester – to check the condition of the wheels
  • Smoke tester – to test gas emission for pollution agents
  • Nozzle tester – to check the fuel injection
Slide Slip Tester Portal Lift Engine Stand Engine Stand
Brake Tester Nozzle Tester Slide Slip Tester Smoke Tester

To provide security, our buses are equipped with a vehicle tracker, a device that displays the position of the bus. This allows the operational center to monitor the position and speed of a bus, so that we can quickly respond if a bus is speeding. 

Radio Communication
To allow quick responses in emergency situations, each of our buses are equipped with radio communication devices to ensure full-time communication between the driver and the operational team.



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